4 Easy Tips Ormond Beach Homeowners Can Do before Calling an AC Repair Service

There is never a good time for an AC unit to break-down, especially on a hot day in Ormond Beach. And although it is prudent to call a well-qualified and skilled AC repair service when you notice a problem with your air conditioning, there are four easy things worth checking first that may quickly resolve the issue and save the cost of a service call.

1. Check the air filter
The air filter is designed to prevent foreign particles from blocking the vents and damaging the air handler. However, dust and dirt buildup on the filter can prevent the smooth flow of air resulting in poor circulation. That’s why most manufacturers recommend replacing the air filter every three to six months, depending on use.  Check the air filter and replace it if dirty and see if that resolves the heating or cooling problem. Did you know that replacing the air filter often can improve energy efficiency and extend the life of your AC unit?

2. Check the air vents

Another common issue is when a room in a home or condo is not staying as cool or as warm as it should. In many cases, the problem is due to a closed vent. If a room is warmer or cooler than normal check the air vents to make sure they are open and air is flowing. A guest or another member of the household may have closed the air vent.

3. Check the thermostat
Another common AC repair issue is when warm air is flowing when it should be cold and vice-versa or the AC unit doesn’t come on.  We have found that in some cases this was due to an incorrect thermostat setting. Check the thermostat to make sure that the AC system is set to ‘cool’ or ‘heat’, whichever is desired and the fan is set to either the ‘on’ or ‘auto’ position. You can also try adjusting the temperature a few degrees until the unit clicks on and the desired comfort level is achieved. 


4. Check the circuit breaker
If your thermostat is set correctly and the AC unit doesn’t run the circuit breaker may have been tripped. When there is a power surge or other electrical event, the circuit breaker will be tripped to prevent damage to the air conditioning unit. If the AC circuit breaker is off flip it back to the on position. You can also try to resetting the breaker by flipping it off, waiting thirty seconds and flip it back on.  Important: Never attempt to fix an electrical problem yourself. Our AC repair technicians are qualified electricians and can safely resolve any issue you are having with your air conditioning unit.

If these simple tips still don’t resolve the issue, then give us a call and we’ll dispatch an AC repair service technician to diagnose and correct the problem. At Von Aire, Inc we’ve been helping customers take care of the air conditioning and heating needs since 1968.  For a free quote or to schedule AC repair service in Ormond Beach, contact us at 386-672-1950 today!

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