Does my equipment require maintenance?
Virtually all manufacturers recommend periodic maintenance by a trained technician.  Some require it to maintain warranty status. We at Von-Aire recommend twice yearly tune ups to keep your system operating at peak efficiency.
We also recommend that you check your filters monthly and clean or replace as needed. A dirty filter will decrease airflow and efficiency and can cause other problems if not corrected.
Your outdoor unit should be kept free of debris and obstructions. Keep grass clippings, leaves, shrubbery and other debris away for the outdoor unit to allow for proper airflow and heat transfer.
All other maintenance and repair should be left to a professional service technician.

What should I check before calling for ac repair service?
Here are some simple things you can do before calling for ac repair service if you system is not working:

  • Check disconnect switches and circuit breakers. If circuit breakers are tripped, make sure they are reset properly.
  • Check for sufficient air flow. Make sure air filters are clean and that supply-air and return-air grilles are open and unobstructed.
  • Check settings on your thermostat. If you want cooling, make sure the temperature is set below the actual room temperature and mode is set to COOL. If you want heat, make sure the temperature is set above the actual room temperature and the mode is set to HEAT. The fan should be set at AUTO if you want the blower to function only while the unit is operating or ON for continuous blower operation.
  • If you have an on call system from your power company, check to see if the system has been interrupted by the on call service. Most will indicate this with a red flashing light on the box.

After checking all of the above, give it a few moments. Most systems have a time delay which prevents them from restarting for up to 10 minutes following a power interruption or other problem.

Why is outdoor unit frozen, or covered in ice?
During the heating season, it is normal for a heat pump system to form a layer of ice on the outdoor unit. There is a cycle, called the defrost cycle, that is built into the system to remove the ice at regular intervals.

Why is my outdoor unit smoking or steaming?
During the heating cycle, the outdoor unit may form a layer or ice on it. When this happens, the system will go into a defrost cycle to melt the ice. What you are seeing is steam that results from this defrost cycle.

Why is my A/C system freezing up?
There are many reasons that can cause your air conditioning and heating system to freeze up. Almost all of them need to be corrected by a professional technician. The one thing you can check for yourself, before calling for service is your filter.  Check to make sure the filter is clean, and that airflow to the system is not restricted.  Should you discover a dirty filter may have been the reason for the system freezing up, after replacing or cleaning the filter, you can hasten the thawing process by turning the system off and then turning on only the fan. After the ice has melted, switch the system back to normal. If the system refreezes, you will need to have the system checked for other causes, such as a low refrigerant charge, dirty evaporator coil, or faulty blower motor.

Should I repair my existing ac system or replace it?
If your system is 8 years old or older and you answer yes to any of the following questions, you probably would benefit from replacing your ac system and taking advantage of the lower long term costs of a new higher efficiency system.

  • Does your system undergo frequent repairs?
  • Has your system experienced a major component failure?
  • Are you continually receiving high electric bills?
  • Is your A/C unit not cooling like it use to?

How does a heat pump work?
A heat pump system provides cooling in the summer and heat during the winter. In the summer, it circulates cool air throughout the home while absorbing hot air and releasing it outside. In the winter, the heat pump reverses the process. The heat pump system absorbs heat from the outdoor air, raises it to a higher temperature then circulates it throughout your home.

What is a zoning system for a heating and air conditioning system?
Zoning systems separate your home’s duct work into different comfort areas, allowing for independent temperature control in distinct areas. Through the use of a zoning system, you can control the temperature in different areas of the home based on your family’s specific needs. Every family has different lifestyles and comfort needs, and a zoning system can maintain each area of your house at the perfect temperature for you and each family member.

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