Where to Find Air Conditioner Repair in DeLand, FL for Cooling Problems

One of the most common questions we receive from residential and business customers in the Deland and Central Florida area is why my air conditioner is not cooling. Since there are a number of possible causes that can prevent the air conditioning unit from keeping your DeLand, FL home or business cool, we recommend contacting a certified air conditioning repair technician to quickly and safely diagnose and resolve any issue.

Before contacting an A/C repair service in DeLand, you might consider checking the thermostat first to ensure that it is on and set to the desired temperature. The thermostats of most air conditioning units feature an “on” and “auto” setting for the blower motor, which when set in a certain way, can make your unit seem like it is not functioning effectively. For instance, if you set it to “auto”, the fan is likely to go on and off as per the desired room temperature. Consequently, the fan will run continuously in spite of the room temperature when set in the “on” position. The “on” position is usually used in homes with air cleaners as well as other filtration systems that are installed as part of their HVAC unit. 

The condenser coils are responsible for generating cold air and if they become damaged can inhibit the A/C system from cooling requiring a repair service call. A tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse can cause the condenser coils to malfunction and when this occurs it will feel as if the fan is blowing warm air around the room.

Ductwork is among the most important components of an overall HVAC system. Its role is to deliver the cooled or heated air, generated by your air conditioner, throughout your DeLand, FL home or business. If the ducts become clogged, cracked or bent, the system will not be able to keep those areas cool and it can feel uncomfortable in the affected areas around the home or office.

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