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Many homeowners in Palm Coast, FL are wondering why their air conditioner may be low on refrigerant and in need of repair. Refrigerant is an essential part of any air conditioner system. And if the a/c refrigerant is improperly charged or is running low due to a leak, it can have a profound impact on your electrical bills and comfort. In fact, experiencing higher than normal electrical bills is often a sign that the A/C needs service.

There are only two reasons that an air conditioning system will be low on refrigerant: Either it was improperly charged to begin with or there is a leak somewhere in the system. Simply adding refrigerant will not fix the problem. A low level of refrigerant can cause severe damage to the a/c system if not repaired in a timely manner.

Also, if it is taking longer than normal to cool your home in Palm Coast, FL, your A/C may be low on refrigerant and needs to be serviced. Refrigerant is what absorbs the heat in the air; thus, without enough of it, your air conditioning system will not absorb enough heat to efficiently cool the air. In simpler terms, think of refrigerant as a heat sponge: The smaller the heat sponge, the less it is likely to absorb. Without the right amount of refrigerant, the air conditioning unit is not able to absorb as much heat from your home as it normally would, and this can make your home feel hot and uncomfortable.

If you check the outside part of your A/C unit (particularly the part with the spinning fan) and notice the building up of ice on the copper refrigerant line, then you may be low on refrigerant. When this occurs, the A/C unit’s evaporator coil (the part where cold refrigerant flows through) gets extremely cold; thus, causing cold liquid refrigerant to flow back into the refrigerant line resulting in the freezing of the surrounding moisture in the line.

Eventually, the liquid refrigerant will make its way to the outside unit’s compressor, which is the backbone of your air conditioner. This flow-back of refrigerant is dangerous and can cause severe damages to the outside unit’s compressor. Liquid cannot be compressed, and when the refrigerant flows into the compressor, it is quickly converted into numerous pounds of hydraulic pressure; hence, leading to the breaking up of A/C components such as the valves, plates or rods.

If your home in Palm Coast, FL is not staying as cool as it should, it is time for an A/C service check-up. Our knowledgeable and courteous repair technicians will accurately diagnose any issues you air conditioner may be having and any recommended repairs that may be necessary. We fix it right the first time and all work is guaranteed.

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